Sunday, January 28, 2007

Thank You Andie!!!

I received this beautiful yo-yo garland from Andie on friday! I just love it!! The colors are so me! I decided to hang them on my shelf in my sewing room so I could enjoy them everytime I was in the creative mood. Thanks again Andie, they are simply wonderful!!!

We went back to Fairfax again this weekend and enjoyed a couple birthdays and a beautiful sunset!


Roxanne said...

Lucky girl - those yo-yo's are adorable! I love having cute stuff in my work space to inspire me too. But, my space is never as clean as yours!

andie said...

oh I LOVE how they look up in your room!!!

amandajean said...

the yo-yos are great! I like seeing other people's sewing rooms.

Thanks for the fabric ordering's good (and bad) to have...I just may break down and order the same fresh cut stack that you have. I really shouldn't...but it's just so pretty!!!

Roxanne said...

I am so jealous of your husband now electrician, wouldn't that be heaven! My hubby gets the job done, but I always have that fear that the house is going to blow up when he flips the switch! So far so good. Then there is the 2 year time span between agreeing we should do the project and actually getting it done! Oh well, I guess I love him anwyay!!