Thursday, January 11, 2007


I just got a jewel applicator and I'm sooo excited about it! I had fun adding swarvoski crystals to the flower basket block I've been making. I like the bit of glitz it gives the block as a whole. It gives it that million dollar look! I also figured it would be a neat way to add some pizaaze to my purses and handbags..and quilts.

It takes me back to the day in college when us little "frosh" received our beanie hats. They were awesome! We could decorate them however we wanted and they became a real fashion statement for some. I never wore hats, so mine sat on my dorm room shelf as somewhat of a decoration. I remember how the senior could stop any frost at any time and make them sing the beanie hat song:

I love my beanie hat, that's where it's really at
it makes me realize that I am a frosh...boom, boom, boom,
one day when I survive, I'll do the senior jive, yes sir (or ma'am)
I love my beanie hat...yes sir, I love my beanie hat!

They were green with a capital "M" on the center (for Mines (SD school of mines and technology)). Many added beer caps or some other offensive thing to theirs. Since my roommate Mandy and I didn't want to take too much from the beanies we decided to embellish ours with rhinestones. Later on we were serenaded by our friend as being.."rhinestone hardrockers" (our mascot) to the tune of "Rhinestone Cowboys". My beanie now is hidden in the bottom of my trunk, but those memories of beanie days will forever be fresh in my mind.
This will be my last post for the week as DH and I are heading near the Nebraska border for some good ole down home family visiting. I need not forget to mention that it's the last weekend for some fur trapping, so one of us will be enjoying that (can you guess who?). I for one will be lugging my sewing equipment along to take advantage of my long weekend...I can't hardly wait!!


Roxanne said...

Have fun on your trip Becki - I look forward to seeing what you create while you are gone! Fun story about the rhinestones :) Ah, the good ole days, right! Honestly, I wouldn't go back for anything, but its fun to remember. I have often thought a jewel applicator would be kind of fun, but I've seen the "Bedazzler" infomercial and I must say its scares me a little!

Saucy said...

ooooh I have that bedazzler too... but be careful it gets pretty hot!! I have bedazzled a few nifty things since I picked it up. Have fun!

Chele76 said...

great story about the beanies! ..Thanks for sharing :)