Monday, June 19, 2006

Finally picked some music

So I went to Christina's house last night so she could help me with music for the wedding. I was lost when it came to the whole prelude, recessional...yadda yadda yadda. Good thing Mrs. Nath knows her wedding music. It really didn't take long and we spent most of the night catching up. Cella is growing up so fast and boy does it make you long for a baby of your own. I'm just glad that Travis and I agreed that we wouldn't wait to have a baby. I guess I'm not old, but with him turning 30 and me 25 we feel we are at the best stage in our life and relationship. I'm excited. A lot of my friends are having babies and it's just nice to have people around me with advice...well I guess we better get through with this wedding first...right?!

Thought of the day..Have any of you ever thought that the Mona Lisa was kind of funny looking?? Well it's cause she has no eyebrows. I guess It was the fashion in Renaissance Florence to shave them off. Think of the stubble that would grow back...itchy!! Come to think of it, even the Klingons on Star Trek had eyebrows...what a weird universe!!

Friday, June 16, 2006

What a fun weekend!! Travis and I took a trip back to Fairfax to visit his family and also to Dante for my friends wedding. We had a blast! My friend Kara lived across the street from the church, so we visited her and also met up with her at the dance. We went back to Fairfax for a little R&R and Travis's sister and brother in law came down to go back to the dance with us. We didn't cut too many rugs, but it was just a great atmosphere to see people I hadn't in such a long time. We also got to drink which was something I hadn't done in such a long time! My future sister in law is a crazy gal and bought me a whole glass of straight tequila..that's when I saw Travis's protective side kick in. I LOVE TEQUILA!! I drank quite a bit of it and then when I couldn't handle the straight stuff any longer good ole Kara went to fetch me a salt shaker to help...well my tequila then was taken from about a waste..I was planning on finishing it...that Trav likes to spoil my fun sometimes!! I got over it and found some other new mixes to try. Kara and I had a great time, and it was so fun to meet some of her students as she is a teacher in a town 8 miles away. I love the small town wedding fun, can't wait til Dave and Sarah's wedding next weekend!!!

My thought for the day...did you know they kill 125,000 pigs per year just to produce marshmellow peeps?? They use the tendons, muscle fibers, and ligaments to make the spongy gelatin mixture...I guess that's why the shelf life is like 3 years....That's disfrigginscusting!! I hope you all think about that the next time you bite into one...all the little piggies going wee wee wee wee down your esophogus. As in the words of Garth Algar.."I definately smell a pork product of some kind..." SICK ASS!!

1st tymer!!

So this is my first attempt at a blog, so bear with me...

So besides my own wedding this year I have 2 more (that I know of) in the next two weeks. Why is it that you always need to find something to wear to these events. I guess my closet swallowed everything I thought I had, or maybe all my possibilities were just a little dated for the occasions. Anywho I searched high and low in the town of Mitchell. To my surprise I found nothing. Our Pennys stinks in this town and I'm not quite ready to start wearing some "more mature" attire. Don't get me wrong, my mother would look great in it, but I'm not quite a quarter of century old yet. I watch tv where ladies in there 60s are wearing something more hip than I can find. What's with that?

Travis and I decided to hop in my car and go to Sioux Falls. As we are just exiting Mitchell my belt brakes in my car..low and behold the nice chilly air conditioning slowly started turning warm. My battery light came on, and my temp gauge slowly started rising. So we got off on Riverside road exit and made our way back to MitcHELL.

Well about an hour later we finally made it to SF and the mall, i found something, and yadda yadda yadda..I just wish it wasn't such a hassle to find something to wear, cause I could have done without the drama for the evening!

My thought for the day.....I always wondered why they called them don't actually cook bake them, so for now on I am calling them bakies....maybe everyone with slowly catch on!!