Tuesday, January 27, 2009

spring ahead...

It's time to start thinking about Spring...I am at least. I started and finished this wall hanging today. Wasn't the most challenging. I used Moda Turn Overs in Mary Engelbreit and pieced them together, then sashed the panel with them. I love the colors and how they instantly made me feel more cheerful!

What I didn't like was my how Mr. Pfaffy Pfaff treated me (broke 4 needles). I decided that my sewing machine must be a man because when he is sweet, he melts my heart....but when he gets a hitch in his step, nothing goes right. Doesn't sound anything like how a woman would act, right!?! ;) Anyhow, he had a little tension problem and after I calmed his nerves he started acting sweet again!! I think I'm in love!!

Monday, January 05, 2009

trying something new...

So I decided to pull out the crochet hook and try making a hat. I've never made one, but thought I would just mess around. This is what I ended up with.

One thing I have learned is Maxton isn't the best model anymore. He rarely likes to stay in one place!

The other thing we learned is that if the "King" doesn't want to do something, the "King" doesn't do it!

This is one of those times!!

And he's going.....


And gone!!

Elmo really wasn't much for modeling today either!!

Friday, January 02, 2009

what i love...

I LOVE homemade!! Here are some of the awesome homemade things we received in our house!

A new ornament for the tree

A crafty lighted wine bottle for the kitchen

New hat and mittens for Maxton

Handbag for on the go

Knitted scarf all of my own

A pillow to rest on the couch

A gift is always that much more special when it is handmade. I plan on trying to do all handmade gifts this year if possible. I think they speak for themselves when it comes to telling someone how special they are to you! Happy New Year to you all!!