Tuesday, January 27, 2009

spring ahead...

It's time to start thinking about Spring...I am at least. I started and finished this wall hanging today. Wasn't the most challenging. I used Moda Turn Overs in Mary Engelbreit and pieced them together, then sashed the panel with them. I love the colors and how they instantly made me feel more cheerful!

What I didn't like was my how Mr. Pfaffy Pfaff treated me (broke 4 needles). I decided that my sewing machine must be a man because when he is sweet, he melts my heart....but when he gets a hitch in his step, nothing goes right. Doesn't sound anything like how a woman would act, right!?! ;) Anyhow, he had a little tension problem and after I calmed his nerves he started acting sweet again!! I think I'm in love!!

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Saige said...

I was wondering who Mr. Pfaffy Pfaff was when I read your status! :) Very cute springy quilt. If I could just have a tiny bit of snow, then I'd be ready for spring. But alas, spring'll be here in Georgia in less than a month (some things are already starting to bloom). Maybe next year.