Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

a stitch in time..

While camped out on the couch today I made this stitchery for my sister-in-law Julie. It's a gift for her birthday. Sometimes it really is hard to think of things to make, but I hope she likes this. It was the best project to keep me confined to the couch for the day. Now what to do for tomorrow...

Monday, October 22, 2007

bedrest and counting...

Since being on bedrest I've tried to find little projects to keep me busy. I know that most of the stuff I have on my "to do" list requires a sewing machine, so I used my up times during the day to sneak in a little sewing time...just to keep me sane. I finished my quilt top by piecing my blocks together and adding borders...now I just need to get it quilted, but who knows how much energy that task would require.
Other little hand work projects I completed are: a little owl pillow. Some reason I've been crazy about owls. They have gotten to be a big thing too. Here was a stab at a fun little owl.

Since Travis is big into fur trapping I had picked up this cute little racoon hat while shopping this past spring. It was a steal for only $.99 I just had to make something to match it, so I drew up a little sketch for another hand applique project. Since it was my first go on a onsie I quickly realized how darn stretchy this project was. Hopefully my next stab at it will be a better one. I'm not too happy with how my acorn turned out, but I'm sure this thing will get it's fair share of wears..as long as daddy picks out the clothes!

I just thought I would share an awesome gift. My wonderful sister-in-law made this quilt for Baby Baker. I love the colors and I know it will get used a ton!! Since I'm not to up on quilting with polyester it is something that will be cherished because I doubt I will ever take a stab at something like this. I simply don't have the fabric stash for something like this. I do however have to finish a top that has been completed already, so I will also use this quilt as a guide to finishing that.

Saturday, October 13, 2007


Since I've been MIA for quite some time I figured I best get back on track with my blog. Here is a work in progress quilt I started today. I have a goal of finishing this thing in a week. I might just be able to do it too!! I had stashed my bday money and quilt store gift certificate, so I was stoaked to get all these pretties!

I wanted to send a special congratulations to my friends Misty and Greg on the birth of their darling son Dylan. I'm so happy for you guys!! I had fun putting together a little package to send their way in Iowa. I had some left over chinese take out boxes from my wedding, so I've been jazzing them up via scrapbook supplies. They have turned out to be great fun. Now I just have a case left to work with!!

A few weeks ago Trav and I took a trip to the Black Hills to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We had a great time and got to catch the beautiful fall colors. I'm so happy that the fall is on us now. Makes me look forward to the arrival of our bundle..any day now will be fine with me!!

Until next time, happy blogging!!