Saturday, October 13, 2007


Since I've been MIA for quite some time I figured I best get back on track with my blog. Here is a work in progress quilt I started today. I have a goal of finishing this thing in a week. I might just be able to do it too!! I had stashed my bday money and quilt store gift certificate, so I was stoaked to get all these pretties!

I wanted to send a special congratulations to my friends Misty and Greg on the birth of their darling son Dylan. I'm so happy for you guys!! I had fun putting together a little package to send their way in Iowa. I had some left over chinese take out boxes from my wedding, so I've been jazzing them up via scrapbook supplies. They have turned out to be great fun. Now I just have a case left to work with!!

A few weeks ago Trav and I took a trip to the Black Hills to celebrate our 1st wedding anniversary. We had a great time and got to catch the beautiful fall colors. I'm so happy that the fall is on us now. Makes me look forward to the arrival of our bundle..any day now will be fine with me!!

Until next time, happy blogging!!


Misty said...

We loved the package! You are such a sweet heart!! You are SO creative!! Thanks again!! Get some good rest before YOUR little one gets here!

Roxanne said...

Hi Becki! Good to hear from you again! So sorry you are on bed rest, but its for the best I'm sure. Gets lots of rest okay!! THe quilt looks beautiful as always, I love your fabric choices!! Take care, Roxanne