Saturday, July 31, 2010

stuff to keep me busy...

If I didn't have enough going on that is. I'm working on baby quilts and other little things for the many people I know that are expecting.

This one is for our little "Baby B" who is only 7 weeks from his expected due date. I've been measuring 3-4 weeks ahead for awhile now, so we will see what my next ultrasound in 2 weeks shows. Luckily I have all my baby clothes freshly washed and hung in the closet, diaper bag made and packed, and crib set up and ready for a new little one. I guess I am as prepared as I can be- but then again, are we ever really prepared? Baby is still first name nameless, but as my husband says, "it will be what it is supposed to be". Whatever that means. I left the decision up to him. The middle name is a family name from my side as was Maxton's. I feel it's only fair that I give a name from my family to pass on since these two guys will be passing on my husband's family name!

Other than sewing, quilting, and preparing, we have been keeping very busy this summer. It's hard to believe that we are already into August! This has been a very wet summer for us and if we could keep our basement dry it would be a miracle. We are very fortunate to have an unfinished basement that doesn't require much after water, but my parents and uncle hadn't been so lucky. My uncle had water so deep in his basement that it came 2 feet from the ceiling! My parents also had to remove everything from their basement, leaving a very crowded stressful upstairs main living for them. I just pray that it won't get as bad again as it has been...especially since all the remodeling is complete!
I guess that's about all that is "blog worthy" for now. I'm hoping I can get a few more in before things get a little more busy around here...we'll see...can't make promises!