Tuesday, February 23, 2010

getting our hands dirty...

I had a new idea today to do some painting on glass. I used an old frame I had and made this up as a practice run. It was fun to do and I have some more ideas on what other things I can make with this idea.

Upon finishing my afternoon project, I washed my paint brushes cleaned up my mess, and set the paint bottle as far out of reach as possible with intentions of putting it back in my craft cabinet (in Max's room) after he woke from his nap. Well guess what.....?!?!

Sneaky little guy found my paint before I could remember to put it away, and while I was making supper in the kitchen!!

We had just painted his bird house last friday, so he remembered how to get his hands all nice and covered for making a hand print. I'm just glad I found him before he could do any real damage!!

Times like these I remind myself why I have a camera, and how funny these pictures will look 15 years from now at graduation!

Friday, February 19, 2010

get with it...

I know I really need to. I figured I better just post something since I am sick of seeing that I last posted Jan 27th!

It's been crazy time at our house. My husband had to have a kidney stone removed on monday and so it's been back and forth to Dr. offices and the hospital. Crazyness! Since we have been making all that time for him, I figured it was time to make the time for me. I had my first Dr. visit as a 2nd time expecting mom. I was torn as to choose between my family doctor (who delivered Max), or to go to an OB. I opted for the OB since I am high risk due to pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy. I am so glad I chose my new doctor, I even found out that my family doctor is no longer doing OB. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! I had a great experience with this first visit and even had an ultrasound to see how things were going (something I didn't get last go round). Everything looks good, but I still pray everyday that things will continue to go well!!

I plan to work on some sewing projects today since it's been a while since I had any alone time with my sewing machine, so I say to myself, "GET WITH IT"...and that's what I plan to do!