Friday, February 19, 2010

get with it...

I know I really need to. I figured I better just post something since I am sick of seeing that I last posted Jan 27th!

It's been crazy time at our house. My husband had to have a kidney stone removed on monday and so it's been back and forth to Dr. offices and the hospital. Crazyness! Since we have been making all that time for him, I figured it was time to make the time for me. I had my first Dr. visit as a 2nd time expecting mom. I was torn as to choose between my family doctor (who delivered Max), or to go to an OB. I opted for the OB since I am high risk due to pre-eclampsia with my last pregnancy. I am so glad I chose my new doctor, I even found out that my family doctor is no longer doing OB. I didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings! I had a great experience with this first visit and even had an ultrasound to see how things were going (something I didn't get last go round). Everything looks good, but I still pray everyday that things will continue to go well!!

I plan to work on some sewing projects today since it's been a while since I had any alone time with my sewing machine, so I say to myself, "GET WITH IT"...and that's what I plan to do!

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Sara said...

Congratulations! A new baby gives you an excuse to make new baby quilts!