Tuesday, August 28, 2007

aww, some sweet relief...

I was put on bed rest on Wednesday and stuck out the rest of the week until Monday on the couch. I had some bad swelling in my legs and ankles accompanied by high blood pressure. The bed rest helped with the swelling, but my blood pressure has still been up and down since. Now I have protein in my urine, so after a full day of collecting that for the lab I now have to wait and see what my Friday appointment holds for me. I am now able to go to work, but have had my legs elevated while there. My swelling has stayed down, so I'm happy with that! I have 10 weeks to go, or 7 weeks until term, so hopefully my health can allow me to reach those dates!

Since I was on "" collection (i just hate the sound of that) today I was able to stay home to help with the ease of that. I decided to whip up a little blanket to help keep my spirits high. I bought some of that fun chenille fabric and a cute accenting fabric. I backed my chenille with some cotton fabric and added a few circle appliques...quilted and attached my binding for a fun little blanket readily available for my little acrobat currently kicking my ribs. I hope that I have many more opportunities to revisit my sewing machine before the arrival day, but if I can't at least I got something fun and cozy made!

Thursday, August 09, 2007

pillows and puppies...

Here are a couple fun little items added to the baby's room. I whipped up a little pillow..and plan to make a few more.

My mom whipped up this precious little dog for the crib. It matches the mobile. Thanks again mom!!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

what a great idea..sure wish I thought of that!!

I spent last evening with my mom. Sometimes it's just nice to have some one of one time. My dearest husband was out of town for work and my dad is on his Sturgis Ralley excursion, so what better time to enjoy some nice time together. Since mom is now a blog lurking addict, she has time to point out all the cool stuff I haven't had time to spy. I think once the baby comes and I'm home 24/7 I will be more into the lurking too...Anyways, mom pulls out this cool challenge she found. It's a 365 Challenge quilt. Basically it's a journal on fabric each day of the year and then when your year is up your complete your quilt with a border or binding or whatever you find most appealing. Mom then threw in the cool suggestion of making a "Baby's 1st Year Journal Quilt"...how cool, I can't wait to get started!! Here are some of the neat quilts from the challenge:

If this challenge tempts you like it did me, then here's the link to the tutorial on Leanne's House.