Monday, October 22, 2007

bedrest and counting...

Since being on bedrest I've tried to find little projects to keep me busy. I know that most of the stuff I have on my "to do" list requires a sewing machine, so I used my up times during the day to sneak in a little sewing time...just to keep me sane. I finished my quilt top by piecing my blocks together and adding I just need to get it quilted, but who knows how much energy that task would require.
Other little hand work projects I completed are: a little owl pillow. Some reason I've been crazy about owls. They have gotten to be a big thing too. Here was a stab at a fun little owl.

Since Travis is big into fur trapping I had picked up this cute little racoon hat while shopping this past spring. It was a steal for only $.99 I just had to make something to match it, so I drew up a little sketch for another hand applique project. Since it was my first go on a onsie I quickly realized how darn stretchy this project was. Hopefully my next stab at it will be a better one. I'm not too happy with how my acorn turned out, but I'm sure this thing will get it's fair share of long as daddy picks out the clothes!

I just thought I would share an awesome gift. My wonderful sister-in-law made this quilt for Baby Baker. I love the colors and I know it will get used a ton!! Since I'm not to up on quilting with polyester it is something that will be cherished because I doubt I will ever take a stab at something like this. I simply don't have the fabric stash for something like this. I do however have to finish a top that has been completed already, so I will also use this quilt as a guide to finishing that.

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