Friday, January 02, 2009

what i love...

I LOVE homemade!! Here are some of the awesome homemade things we received in our house!

A new ornament for the tree

A crafty lighted wine bottle for the kitchen

New hat and mittens for Maxton

Handbag for on the go

Knitted scarf all of my own

A pillow to rest on the couch

A gift is always that much more special when it is handmade. I plan on trying to do all handmade gifts this year if possible. I think they speak for themselves when it comes to telling someone how special they are to you! Happy New Year to you all!!

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Roxanne said...

Such cute gifts! I am really going to try and up the handmade gift ratio this year as well. I think I probably made 1/2 this Christmas, but I'm shooting for all in 2009!! And birthday gifts too. I think the key is to start now!