Saturday, December 30, 2006

the end of a year....

We had a great great Christmas this year that was filled with love and joy! We spent much needed time with both our families and probably ate too many goodies. We celebrated Christmas together on friday night complete with a chinese dinner and a drive around town to check out all the festive homes. We then settled in for the night on the love seat watching a movie. What a wonderful 1st Christmas we shared together! I got Travis all the trapping stuff he had wished for and he fullfilled my wish list of a new camera!! How lucky am I?

Here are some pictures from the past week...

This is a picture of our tree as seen from the table. I received the beatuiful candles from our gift exchange on the Baker side.

This is the ice leftover on the branches and trees back in Fairfax. I was hoping for the sun to shine Christmas Eve day, but we didn't get lucky.

I have this obsession with and old. I received these from my mom for Christmas. I already have some ideas stirring in my head!!

My mom got her Christmas gift a few weeks early from my dad. This is her Pfaff Grand Quilter (which I got to use first :) ) I had to get a shot of my first quilt on the frame.

This is the snow we received this morning. We are planning to head to Sioux Falls for New Years, so I'm hoping this doesn't damper our plans. It was supposed to rain and then turn to snow, but it ended up doing the total opposite. Now here we are getting freezing rain on top of the snow. My wonderful husband went coyote hunting this morning with my dad, so I trudged outside to brush off the 3 vehicles so it would be a little easier to defrost later on.

Wish you all the best for a Happy New Year!



amandajean said...

thank you for your sweet comments about my quilts and for stopping my blog!
How fun that you got to try out your mom's new sewing machine...looks like so much fun!
I enjoyed seeing your wedding photos...enjoy your precious first year together as a married couple. It is really a special time to be cherished.

Roxanne said...

Hi Becki - I found your blog through Amanda at Crazy Mom Quilts. Enjoyed checking out your blog and am very jealous of your buttons!! Nice to find some bloggers from around here - I am from Fargo, ND. My husband is also an avid hunter, so I can relate to that too! Just when I think the birds are done flying and the deer license filled, he decides to hunt never ends! We have been married for 5 1/2 years, but it really just feels like yesterday. It goes so fast!

Happy New Year!

MaryMo said...

Hi Becki,

I found your blog from the comment you left on mine. Isn't In Stitches great? I don't know where to start there are so many great projects. Happy New Year!