Wednesday, December 06, 2006

merry christmastime!

So I decided to take some shots around the house of some Christmas time things.

I took the liberty of adding all the christmas lights outdoors myself. We still need to add some lights to the top peak, but that's what husbands and ladders are for!! Now get busy Travis!!

This is our beautiful nativity set that Travis got as a gift from his mother a couple years ago..I just love it! I need to find the perfect stable for it yet!

Here are some of my favorite ornaments!

I got this ornament from Carissa for Christmas one year, it is so cute! Who doesn't like candy?

This is a cute little primative snowman gord thingy my mom made...I just love it!!

Here is our first christmas together ornament I received as a wedding gift from a quilt guild friend. It's always nice to have an ornament with a date on it!

My baby sister being the "hello kitty freak" that she is made me this ornament this year. She has a white christmas tree that is decked out with darling is that for her!!

One year when I was quite young my cousins and I made these pom pom reindeer. I love mine and every year I perch him somewhere on a cozy branch. This year he hasn't lost his charm, but it's his name that I can't think of (and no it isn't rudolph).

This year I just couldn't leave Socky out of Christmas..he had his own special place on my tree too, along with his little friend!
Well, I hope you enjoyed the little sneak peak into my home. Merry Christmastime everybody!!

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Misty said...

It took me until today to realize that you have are using this blog site! LOL I am little slow sometimes! I love all your fun Christmas pictures!