Friday, December 08, 2006

I have a productive one ahead of me...

So since there is only 16 days left until Christmas, I have a heavy loaded weekend ahead of me. I making table runners as gifts for some people (can't name any names). I have only finished one of them which means I have four more to complete. I don't know what I was thinking waiting so long to get them done, but at least I have a good atmosphere to work in this weekend. We are going back to Fairfax, SD to spend the weekend with Travis's parents. I think it was more because Travis wanted to get some trapping in, but what the hey, I'm all for a good time. I still need to load my sewing machine up and all my little supplies, but then it's smooth sailing for the rest of that!
I just had to snap a picture of my fabrics for the table runners and my cute little pattern!

Here is a picture of one of the table runners I have completed..I hope to post more pictures on sunday of my accomplishments!

And before I forget again I had left out one very special piece in my last blog. This is a cute little sushi platter I had purchased after the wedding. Since I live in the midwest and can't get my hands on any real good sushi, I bought the platter to display some cutsy stuff. Here I just threw a few glittered ornaments on and a little floral accent and called it good. One of my favorite colors is green, so I couldn't have found better ornaments for this platter!!

That concludes my blog for today, I hope your weekend is blissful!

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