Friday, December 15, 2006

things to pass the time...

The other night I was just trying to pass some time while I waited for supper to finish up. I came across this cute little site where you can actually chat with Santa ;). So if there are any children out there that have been doubting his existance, they should be directed here.
Tonight I plan to kick back with a pile of fabric and make some cute Posie Pins, thanks to Juju! I decided to make these for my coworkers in festive green and red colors. My friend Brenda may come over too and we thought about watching a movie while Christmas Crafting.

I'm also excited because one of my favorite movies, Lucky 7 is on it's way to me.

If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!! If you like Kimberly Williams-Paisley, McDreamy himself: Patrick Dempsey, and tear jerkers, then this is a movie for you. I saw this a couple years ago and still love it til this day! (Here's a little plot summary just so you can get a taste of it's goodness)
Before Amy Myer's mother died when Amy was 7, she planned out the little girl's life on a timeline, including the fact that Amy would marry her 7th boyfriend. When Amy falls in love with #6, she's thrown into a tailspin, because all of her mother's advice had worked perfectly. Now she must decide whether to follow her mother's advice and wait for #7, or follow her own heart.

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