Thursday, December 14, 2006

focused dreams....

My husband and I have been married for 3 wonderful short months, and with each passing day our dreams are coming into focus more and more.

When I was a little girl my mother always amazed me. How could someone so close to me be filled with so much artistic creativity and knowlege? I still ask myself that question to this day! To my friends I was always the creative one..the one that saw something and instead of buying it always said, "I can make that!" And I always tried. Not saying it was better than the product on the shelf, but at least I was always proud of my creations. Not much has changed since then. I carried on my traditions of "I can make thats..." in college and was labeled the "creative" one there too. It's funny that I never did take design or an art related major in college. I chased the dream of being an engineer, and now I'm left with wondering...could I have gotten somewhere if I did take the plunge and chase after a different dream? I guess life is always filled with what ifs!

Since our marriage, Travis and I have continued to learn new things about eachother each day. Travis, my talented electrician is also an outdoors man. He finds happiness and relaxation in trapping and hunting. Living in town means he can't escape to the place of true release. After a stressful day at work he seems to be screened in by the boundaries or our home lot. Surrounded by neighbors only feet away. This is hard for a man that grew up on a dairy with vast countryside!

We have decided that we both want to move to the country, to a town of a somewhat small population. There we can live the lives we both long for. For me this is great. I've always dreamed of having my own studio. A place where quilters of all ages can gather to work on their projects. A place where I can design purses, handbags, quilts, pillows, so on and so forth. Where I can have workshops and lessons. To me, this would be heaven. In my head, I've sketch out what this studio would look like. It would be an oldsy looking rustic barn. with an open floor plan with plenty of tables and areas for fellow quilters to stretch out in. It would also come complete with a lounge area to kick back in when a much needed retreat is requested. This is my vision.

I think ever since seeing the episode on HGTV's Design Inc I've been in love with the thought of a barn transformation! I could definately see this becoming something along the line of this
I think the look is just simply gorgeous and can't wait to tackle something like that! I do have specifics as to what the interior would include and a name, but I will have to get to that at a later time. I feel I've over done my blogging for the day! Til next time, enjoy the nice December weather!

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Concha said...

Ah! I can't believe it! I watched that show some months ago here in Portugal and I absolutely loved that particular makeover. Loved the colours, the way they mixed them up and how they were able to perform such a dramatic transformation.