Wednesday, December 06, 2006

things that rock...

So today starts a new day of posting...and a new day to figure out what it is to blog about. Nothing too exciting has been going on in my life, just determination to finish up the thank yous from the wedding. At least now I got Travis to help me out..I told him no trapping this weekend if we didn't get every last one completed!! So there were sat for a couple hours last night until our hands were all cramped.

I thought I would add some things that I think rock:

I love these toile nesting boxes....on second thought, I love anything toile!

This feather tree rocks it big time!!

This one could get quite long, but Free Spirit definately rocks! I love quilt fabric, but lately I've loved all of Free Spirits new collection. Let's start with Heather Bailey.

I love Heather's use of color, pattern, and texture when it comes to this fabric. It has enough essence of vintage yet funky for a younger gal like me, yet it holds the charm of some florals that might spark the attention of a more mature quilter. Freshcut is awesome however you may look at it. While you are drooling over her awesome fabric swatches, you might even want to check out her blog (which I truly love!!). She always has some real cool things made up with her fabric and that's enough to keep anyone visiting each day!!

Next there's Anna Maria Horner's Bohemian

That truly tickles my fancy. How can you but not love this fabric collection? It's fun, it's funky, it goes great together. It takes a spin and plays enough away from the traditional patterns we are used to. Her swanky style makes me want to be a teenager again. If only I had seen this stuff when I was much younger, I would have been quitling for decades! Overall this fabric looks like HAPPY!!

I would be a very bad quilter lady if I left off Denyse Schmidt's Flea Market Fancy

This collection is so awesome! I only wish I could find treasures made with anything like this at a flea market. Old is me, I'm old at heart. I like, love, cherish, want anything old looking or shall I say vintage. The possibilities are endless with this collection, I would make quilts, wall hangings, clothing, ANYTHING with this stuff. Way to go Denyse!

That concludes the stuff that rock today. I'm always on the look out for more stuff, so look forward to stuff that rock part 2!

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andie said...

i have been lookng for all of these locally..can't find them. do you have a fav online store?