Tuesday, March 10, 2009

well on my way...

Last night was Dear Jane group at The Pin Cushion and this is what I did:

I am trying to keep my blocks as organized as I can. I color copied each block on paper with the block name, number, and date made. It will be nice to have all the information in a binder once the quilt is completed!

B-4 was paper pieced. This was my first experience with paper piecing. I can't quite say I love the technique, but it sure did come out as perfect as it could. I will have to try more to see if I change my mind.

As you can see I have chose a wild combination of fabrics. Most of the ladies in the group are either doing 30's reproductions or civil war prints, so I'm hoping to bring some contrast to the group.

And I leave you with 2 pictures of Maxton. One is him sporting a "tie" shirt I made him. I think he looks adorable in it...I think I will make a few more of these! The other picture is him sitting in a toy basket. Yesterday he sat in his strawberry toy box for an hour and a half..today we are going on 45 minutes with the basket...he just digs through it and plays away. I think he is doing very well as an only child!!!! Hopefully he can keep that up for another year or so!!!

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Roxanne said...

What a cutie! Love the tie shirt too!