Tuesday, March 03, 2009

another tool...

My next tool to share is my Quilt Design Wizard. I purchased the program for a steal of $20. I like to use this when changing a block around by either rotating or by using different fabric combos. I'm a very visual person and sometimes before I start chopping into fabric I do a little playing around. I rarely use the patterns that you can print out, but it gives me a good idea on what about to get into. The program comes with preloaded blocks, fabric, and an array or ideas. Each month you can download a project (for free) that comes with new fabric choices and new blocks.

Look, Heather Bailey's fabric ended up in a monthly project!!

Here is a little quilt I designed. I am going to use this very soon!!

The possibilities are endless with this program! It is so fun that it reminds me of coloring!!

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azurerocket said...

Good tip! I've always liked the idea of Electric Quilt but not the pricetag.