Thursday, March 05, 2009

i count this as a tool...

Not sure if most of you would consider this a tool, but being a mother that has dealt with diaper rash, I consider this a GREAT tool!

Since Maxton has been teething again he gets those nasty little rashes that are hard to clear up. This is a miracle cream!!
I purchased this from Tractor Supply Company. I know it says it's for animals, but it works a wonder on those little tushes too!!


Saige said...

He is just so precious. What an adorable little face. Matthan loved watching the video of him signing. He kept wanting to watch it again and again. Thanks for posting it--I'd forgotten the sign for please and so I hadn't taught Matthan. I've been working with him on it ever since.

azurerocket said...

My parents used to use this and I never knew where to get it (didn't think to ask my mom for some reason). I'll have to check out the farm supply store.