Tuesday, March 03, 2009

March of the tools...

Heather Bailey started her March of the Tools again this year, and guess who is on her list of participants!?! How fun this will be. I will try to put a tool on everyday....I promise!!!

My favorite tool for today is the Bi-Level foot I have for my sewing machine! My machine is named "Mr. Pfaffy Pfaff"...(real original, I know). I have a Pfaff 2027... I love my machine as I received it the Christmas I got engaged. The funny thing about that is I never cried when my husband presented me with my ring, but the tears were flowing when I opened up my machine...It wasn't like my machine was more important than getting engaged, but I knew a ring was coming..but not so sure about a new machine.

So now on to the tool: Here she is----

You might wonder what this foot does-- well, she can't bake a pie....but, she takes the handstitching out of quilt binding. It lines up your binding in such a way that you can completely bind your quilt by machine without having to dig out your thimble (and it looks fabulous too)! I'm still getting used to it, but it's nice to speed up the final step of quilt assembly.
Unfortunetly I have given away all the quilts I've used my foot on, but I will make sure and point out in future posts what this looks like!
If you are interested in where you can find this little "helper" check with my favorite quilt store The Pin Cushion or your nearest Pfaff Dealer.

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azurerocket said...

I have a bunch of feet that came with my serger that I don't know what they are for. Hopefully I have one of these - I can turn of the blades and use it with chain stitch.