Tuesday, July 24, 2007

99 days to go...sneak peak

Good thing that I still have 3 months to gaze into the babies room without a baby in it (insert sarcasm). I'm super excited for the day we bring our wonderful bundle home. Seems like I haven't had any problem finding little projects to do! We pretty much have a good part of the room done. Here's a sneak peak....
Here's the crib with many memories. My brother, sister, and I all used this as infants. My wonderful parents painted it white and mom and I tackled the bumpers together. Mom was also awesome enough to make my crib skirt for me. Thanks Mom!!

I still have some pillows and things to make to tuck in the corner (for looks), but until then I just drapped the quilt over the side. I love how my mobile looks attached to the crib. All of this is really making me anxious!

I don't know if you remember this, but I did another spin to create one a little different. Since we will not know what we are having until "d day" we have a name for each. If we have a boy we will name him Maxton, as we both love the name Max. If we have a girl we will name her Reagan. I made this banner reversable so depending on what we have we can just flip it to the correct side. We really have no reason to lean one way or the other, so we are excited for the surprise! I appliqued letters on the triangle fabric then satin stitched around each. I had some binding strips left over from the baby quilt, so I used that as the "ribbon" part.

Here's a wall by the window. I purchased the mirrors at a garage sale for $1.00 and painted them. Used a shelf made by one of us kids in middle school, painted that. Found a funky vinyl vase at a crazy day special sale and added a flower, my mini-artist man, and placed my little patent leather shoes from my childhood. I think it turned out very nicely!

This a shelf I hung and just added a picture of mommy and daddy. I still have a rocking chair to get in the room along with my changing pad and all those fun supplies. I will show another picture of those areas when they are finished. For now I just enjoy the sleep time I will get before my 99 days or so are over.


Roxanne said...

Oh my gosh Becki - this is about the sweetest room ever!! I love all the little touches. The names you've picked out are adorable! Reading about your anticipation has made me think about when Sydney was born...ahh the memories! Time flies! Everyone tells you to enjoy the sleep while you have it (which is true) but I would say enjoy the time you and your husband have alone - it will be a long time before that happens again!! Take care!

andie said...

omg i love it! love the colors!!!

amandajean said...

the room is great! you did a great job. and I can remember how hard it is to wait to see the little one.