Monday, February 05, 2007

cute little finds...

Since I had quilt guild on saturday it was also a fun day spent with mom shopping around town. We usually just plan on guild days as a time to run places that the guys never like going.. We browsed through Ben Franklin Crafts and I was lucky enough to find these cute mini clothes pins in the bargain area. Of course mom thought they would be better if they were wood, but I just loved the various colors. I think they will come in handy when making garlands, or just clipping patterns or inspirations pieces in my sewing room!


Roxanne said...

Ooh, I like 'em!! They are very cute. They would already be magents if they lived at my house!! Everything that's not bolted down gets to be a magnet around here.

I'm jealous of your Ben Franklin trip. Ours just recently closed. It was a really nice one, but in a bad location.

I think you're right, my table is going to need a skirt very soon. There is already a bunch of stuff under there!

We are still working on the specifics for our trip to the Cities too. As long as I get to go to Anthropologie, Ikea, and Paper Source I don't care what else they make me do!

amandajean said...

Cute clothes pins! I have some tiny ones that we got at Target in the dollar bins awhile back and I never knew what to do with them. I like the idea of using them to hang inspiration pieces, etc.
And thanks again for the fabric ordering info. I ordered the fresh cut fat quarter stack from I got it last night, and it is just divine! Perfect to help cure that cabin fever.

little lovelies said...

*gasp!* Those are adorable!