Thursday, June 10, 2010

helping out...

A dear friend of mine is getting married next weekend and in preparation of that we made her a card box. She had first rented a bird cage and then saw some examples of these hat boxes transformed into card this is our attempt at that. Last night we laughed, created, and ate pizza, and what a fun night it was!

Last weekend we ventured to Sioux Falls for her bachlorette party. It was a blast...and as much of a blast that it could be with 4 expectant mothers. We all dressed in "little" black dresses and had dinner at Bracco. After dinner we went back to our rooms at the Hilton and played games, laughed, watched presents being open, and laughed.

Here is part of the gift I gave to the bachlorette. I tried to use her wedding colors as best as I could and couldn't help but to to glitz it up with some swovarski crystals.

Here's wishing the engaged couple the best of years to come. Can't wait to help them celebrate some more!!


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