Friday, March 26, 2010

side work...

Since there is a plethora of things I like to do, I consign all the little extras at The Little Red Hen here in town. It doesn't make me rich and I don't depend on it as a second income, but it does give me reason to keep doing what I love. I'm sure my husband is always wondering what I will bring home next to work on, but it does keep me out of trouble ;).

I am a big button junkie, so these two necklaces were made in hopes that there are other button junkies out there!

My newest love is metal stamping. I have had some fun and have tried stamping on a lot of different metals. I made my friends washer pendants with their names on them for Christmas and have been busy looking for other things to stamp on!

I made some flower pins for a bachlorette party and had a few left over..I guess I will see if these sell.

Here are a few Paci-Clips I made. When Maxton was a baby he never left home without one clamped on his shirt. I pieced little scraps of fabric I had together to make the straps and I think they turned out nicely. I think this may be a staple in my baby gift giving!


Sara said...

Love those button necklaces. So cute! I haven't been in the Red Hen lately, but will have to stop in again soon.

DocSly said...

I love the pacifier clips. What a darling idea. What about some discs with names on them that are stamped. Nice work. Need to get to the Little Red Hen.