Wednesday, December 16, 2009

dear santa...

Dear Santa,

I was thinking that since I didn't get anything in my stocking last year....not even a lump of coal, that maybe you would really like to make this girls Christmas morning even more merrier by filling it with this fat quarter bundle....

or this fat quarter bundle...

I see your little elves at The Fat Quarter Shop are going to help you make some other girl quilters (who are in the same boat as me) out, so this is my attempt at that wonderful opportunity!
I know you are busy Santa, but I've been such a good girl the past 2 years!! I've changed diapers, babied my 2 year old, babied my husband, and have set my quilting aside to do the normal house work when I'd rather not!!
P.S. If you want your chance at something from Santa, go here!
P.S.S. You know Santa, if you don't fulfil my wish this year, you know I am probably just going to get this gift for myself......I hope that doesn't ruin my chances!!

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