Tuesday, May 13, 2008

weekend recap...

My very first mother's day was a wonderful one! Maxton popped his first tooth, so that was a gift in itself. It's so much fun seeing the changes in my little boy everyday. I never know what to expect from day to day. We visited family in Fairfax, SD and were even able to get out and visit the cows. Since it was a dreary day for the most part on friday and saturday, I didn't get my camera out for that. I did however snap a few pictures of Maxton and Aunt Amanda with Moony on sunday.Before we headed out of town on friday Maxton enjoyed watching his favorite dvd, They Might Be Giants. I swear, I put that in and his eyes are glued to the screen!
I have forgotten to post my bento box quilt. I still need to get it on the frame and quilted, but hopefully I will do that this week. Here it is:And here's my newest addiction: 3D bow tie blocks! They are super fun and easy. I'm using some of the fabrics from Amy Bulter's Midwest Modern collection. I used 3" squares for mine. For this, you need 3 patterned 3" squares and 2 muslin or plain 3" squares. Try it!here is a link to the tutorial...enjoy!!

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Roxanne said...

Love the bento box quilt! That is just gorgeous. I keep meaning to thank you for the tip on They Might Be Giants. Sydney loves them! We got both the ABC's and 123's on Amazon. 123's is definitely better, but they are both great. thanks!! Maxton will be enjoying them for a long time!