Friday, April 11, 2008

the aftermath...

I guess they declared that we are in a spring blizzard. I've seen worse, and it really isn't cold out, but the snow has been blowing to white out conditions. Lucky kids these days, we never got days off for something like this!!
I finished the middle section of the quilt I started yesterday. I like borders on my quilts, so I will have to hit the quilt store to find some fabric for that. On a sad note, I cut my pinkie finger with my rotary cutter. My rotary cutter has a one of those levers that you pull when you use it, so when you let go, it closes. Well after I cut a block I was turning it around and my hand slid into the blade and caught it just right. I don't think it is really as bad as it could have been, but boy did it bleed. After 5 band aids and finally some super glue I got it to stop. Now I know what they mean when they say that those rotary cutters have been known to kill people!!

On today's agenda I plan to start another quilt using some more of my charm packs. I just love those things!!

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Marcia said...

I'm with you, Love Charm Packs!
Your quilts turned out really nice. You must be so proud.