Thursday, March 20, 2008

addicted to charms...

I must admit that I have an addiction to charm packs! In the past month I've purchased 7 of them!! I like them for 3 reasons. #1 they are already cut. I HATE HATE HATE cutting fabric. #2 there is such a hip funky variety of them. These are not your grandmother's fabrics. #3 you can have the entire collection of fabrics for a fraction of the price, even if it is just a square piece. I already have plans for the Mix & Mingle group. I'm not sure what I will use the Mary Engelbreit charms for yet, but sometimes it's fun to just have those types of things in your stash!
My sister has been an embroidery fool. She made a Star Wars gift for my brother and then decided to make our little wookie a bib. It's so cute, but I don't want to use it and get all dirty now. I guess we will just use it to ward off that nasty drool that has been falling from Maxton's mouth lately. Can we say "teething"...oh, what a pain!!And I just had to add this beautiful quilt that my mom has made for the quilt store. I love the Pop Parade collection and hope that someday Mom will pass this down to me (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)! I've been the person behind the scenes of their website and just wanted to add that they have kits all made up for this beauty!
That's about all I have for today. I'm working on making a quilted jacket with a sweatshirt base, so hopefully I will have that to share sooner than later.


Roxanne said...

Wow - that quilt is amazing! And nice job with the website, what a fun thing to work on!!

Saige said...

That quilt is so pretty! I doubt I will ever do anything that detailed, but I'd love to aspire to that one day :)
I noticed that someone came to my blog from your blog and then that you had my blog listed on your site. Thanks! Its so fun to see folks from all over the US visiting my own personal "little blog".
Your son, Maxton, is 22 days younger than my son, Matthan.
Well, this is probably the longest comment ever by a stranger, but I just wanted to say hi, and nice to "meet" you :)