Saturday, April 21, 2007

things on my mind...

I feel 100% better! The morning sickness still comes and goes, but I'm just lucky that it is something that doesn't keep me from going to work. I get home and I'm definitely see a change in my energy. I can now stay up until 10pm!! That's quite a feat as before it was only 8..didn't leave me much time for cleaning, cooking, or quilting! I hate using pregnancy as an excuse for not doing much, but I guess I have no other choice on that one.

I was inspired by Laura's pick on colors for her baby room, so I decided to use the same color scheme. I just love it. We think we will find out what the baby is when the time comes, but like most mothers you are never 100% sure, so this will be a safe choice. If we do have a girl I can priss it up with some bows.

Here's what I got so far:

I definitely had to throw in some Oh So Soft Minky! I love this green color and thank Mom for picking it up for me!! I can't wait to get starting on all this sewing! I still am in search for some aqua and lime fabric, but I still have time for my search. I also want to make my mobile, so this summer I will be hitting the garage sales in search of a mobile just so I can use the guts! I'm sad to let my sewing room go, but I plan to keep my counter top and change the skirt on that to match the babies bedding. I think that way I can cut back on the changing table and just make a pad so diaper duty won't be as hard. I love the counter top as it is the perfect height for doing any standing work, so I am happy to utilize that great thing I have!

Since this is my parent's first grandchild it's so fun to see the excitement they have, I've already been spoiled as mom and dad are quick to offer a hand and offer any furniture they have! My mom has a rocking chair that she is giving me. They are going to get it painted white for me and then I plan to us Anna Maria's great idea and jazz it up like this.

So, thanks to Roxanne, I have this huge want-ability to get into making jewelry with solder and microscope slides. I have all I need except for the microscope slides, for the past few days I have felt like such a school child anticipating the mail's arrival. Once they get here I plan to dive right in, I can't wait!!!


amandajean said...

glad that you are feeling better and more energetic!

Roxanne said...

So glad you are bouncing back! Love the nursery colors!! I can't wait to see your soldered creations :)