Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a lack there of...

Things have been pretty busy in our house. Seems like Christmas came and went, but it sure was a great one! My husband got me the slr camera that I had been wanting, so we have been busy playing with that!

Poor Max and Kole are getting sick of my "photo shoots", but they better get used to them!
One of my best friends made Kole a cute little onsie, and I couldn't resist handing him a spoon. He wasn't very interested in that!
Camo is a MUST at our place.
Max likes playing with my typewriter, so I popped the lenses out of my old glasses and let him goof around!

I really liked this picture of Max. I'm really trying to figure out lighting and the best settings for everything, but you just can't beat natural lighting...I think the lighting contrast on his face made for a neat picture!
Well, this post wasn't the most fun, but it let's me explore my hobby of photography!

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Saige said...

It was a fun post, and at least you posted! :) I've got to get back to posting again myself. Love the pictures!