Friday, August 07, 2009

canning time...

I did a little canning on monday..actually, it took about 5 hours in the kitchen. Green Beans came courtesy of my mother-in-law and her enormous garden. Since I LOVE dilly beans, that's what I set out to make!

My box of prize beans...Snapped and ready for a good washing
Ready to come out of the canner
They turned out super yummy and I learned something new and fun to do!

Not trying to freak anyone out, but I got a new zoom lens for my camera and was lucky enough to find this little guy dangling from my in-laws warming shed. I was sure to stay as far from it as I could, so my new lens really came in handy! I just love playing with my camera!!


Saige said...

Awesome! I'd love to can one day.
And that spider--Eeeeek! Amazing, but SCARY! Great shot.

Sara said...

What a gorgeous photo of that spider! I think it's worthy of publishing. That zoom lens is great.