Thursday, June 12, 2008

missing in action...

It has been one crazy week... and so was last week! My husband has ventured off to start his own business and I've been behind the scenes doing a lot of work for that. I think this is going to be an adventure, but as long as we put as much work into things as we can, we will be alright!

I decided to make a pair of shoes for Maxton from a pattern I had filed away since he was born. I think they turned out cute, but I will have to make some more for him and maybe make them a little larger as he has chubby feet! I've been searching for a perfect pair of shoes for the summer that he can wear without socks...these might just be what i've been looking for! Since they were so simple and fun I decided to make a pair for my niece Ava's fun making little girl stuff for once!

I'm also in the works of finishing up a prize and a quilt for my mother-in-law....I can tell this is going to be one crazy summer!!


Anonymous said...

those shoes are sooo cute! i've been wanting to make some too


Lisa said...

These shoes are just adorable. Love the fabric selection too.

Saige said...
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Saige said...

Hey, sorry, I totally made no sense on that first comment that I deleted--I forgot to proofread. Here's the new and improved one:
Oh,stink! I haven't been blogging for so long--I wasn't just not posting on my blog, I wasn't visiting anyone else's either, in fact I barely had time to get on the computer--that I messed up and missed out on a chance to win a prize! Hmmm. Maybe I should offer a prize to get back my lost readers due to my long absence.
Anyway, Cute Shoes! What pattern did you use? I would love to make Matthan some. They just look so soft and comfy.

Saige said...

Hey, Becki, I'm sorry that you're still "missing in action"! I always look forward to seeing your latest designs. If Maxton is half as adventurous as Matthan is, then I understand why you haven't posted!
That's cool that you love Newsies too. Its just so great! Did you guys see Batman? What did you think?